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MaaS Congres 2019

“Visit MaaS Congres 2019 and let numerous relevant speakers and organizations bring you
up-to-date with the latest developments surrounding Mobility as a Service.”

Jan Pieter Rottier
Programme Developer

Mobility as a Service. By now, almost everyone realizes that this innovative mobility concept is the way of the future. Ambitious plans and words of praise abound. And major steps are indeed being made: the seven regional MaaS pilots are beginning to take shape, apps are evolving and there is an increasing willingness among parties to cooperate. However: there is still plenty of work left to do. On Tuesday the 12th of February, MaaS Congres 2019 will pick up where the successful 2018 edition left off. The aim is to move beyond intentions and allow for the realisation of real advancements.

The challenges

Many challenges lie ahead. That is also what the participants in MaaS Congres 2018 concluded in the closing session. There are definitely still plenty of matters that warrant further attention.


Participate in MaaS Congres 2019 on Tuesday, 12th of February

More than thirty speakers will share their knowledge, vision and hands-on experiences during MaaS Congres 2019. The programme comprises keynote speeches, parallel sessions and a panel discussion. You can also visit parties that use MaaS at their respective stands. MaaS Congres is the venue for concession grantors, transporters, politicians, suppliers, consultancy firms and mobility experts of national, regional or local government bodies to:

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Knowledge Partners

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MaaS Congres 2018

“Over 280 decision-makers from the mobility sector participated in MaaS Congress 2018.
This consequently made the first edition a great success.”

Marko Visser
Business Development Manager

MaaS Congres 2018 was held on the 6 th of March at the De Doelen convention centre in Rotterdam. More than 280 decision-makers and influencers in the mobility sector participated. Over thirty speakers clarified the concept, mapped the shares of parties involved and focused on practical examples.

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MaaS Congres 2019 takes place in De Doelen in Rotterdam, on walking distance (5 minutes) from Rotterdam Central Station.
The registration is opened from 9.30h, the conference starts at 10 o’clock and ends at 17.30h.

Parking: There are multiple parking areas on walking distance of De Doelen convention centre. Parking area Schouwburgplein offers many parking spots.

Plan your trip by Public Transport:

De Doelen
Kruisplein 40
3012 CC Rotterdam


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